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As this year comes to an end and we wait for the NEW one to begin,
I stop to think of the year thats gone......
on the things I've said and the things I've done....
then I wonder, have I lost or won?

I think of the NEW friends and relationships I've created,
and of the old ones that still stand true....
My path throughout this past year LORD was made easier
only because it was walked beside you.

I think of all the times
when my path wasn't clear
the obstacles and hurdles caused me to fear.
My FAITH tried to slip away, but you was their to help it stay...

Now as I bust threw the wall of this NEW YEAR,
I wonder what it holds.....

Whatever it holds for me and mine,
I will welcome it with an open MIND,
for you have taught me LORD threw this past year
that my MIND is precious and can eliminate all FEAR.

Continue to use me LORD for you are the spirit and I am the flesh,
and together as one "I AM" all that you are and you are the BEST!


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