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Joe Schroeder wrote this in 1997

By 1999, over one Million People had this in their hearts

Now today, we ask that you share this with your world.

** Works better if you recite this to yourself daily for 21 days.

** Work even better if you have someone speak this into you

And the prayer begins . . ,

I choose to be different because I am an individual and I am proud of that.

I don’t play like others in the “crowd” do.

I don’t go where the “crowd” goes. I am different. I will be understood by the 2% of America and misunderstood, at times, by the remaining 98%. That’s okay because I am part of the fellowship of the 2%. The people who create the positive force that shapes this great country.

Finally, the foundation has been poured. I am a real capitalist and entrepreneur.

I have made my decision and I am now a part of the elite Doers Club and Focus society of free thinkers at Million Mind March.

That helps to define me as a person committed to action! Also, I am a loving family person at home and I won’t ever let up. I love my family and therefore I MUST go beyond my old comfort zone. I will not back away, slow down or ever complain about my mission and decision. I live my life between Amen and achievement. For which I am proud.

I know that there isn’t any other way.

Every step I take from now on, I will create the path for all of those who will follow behind me. That is called servanthood. I am done with small thinking, lack of planning and my past lack of discipline. I have been renewed. No more gossiping. No more cheap excuses. No more shame.

I no longer need validation or applause from anyone because I am self directed and a part of the free thinkers society at Million Mind March.

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We walk together and as one and I don’t have to be first.

I don’t have to be heard by all and I don’t care whether everyone likes me or not. Because I now walk in faith.

Which is Gods way of getting me to where I am supposed to be.

I am a team player. I play hard and I pray harder.

I will no longer seek to be in the popularity pool and I will forever hold my vision and faith as an “absolute”. I am me, I am enough and I love myself.

I have my goals written out and my attitude is high. I am a winner, a visionary and a leader. My advisers and counsel are always available to me and I will never be without them again.

I am a good follower which in time, will help to make me a good leader. I am prepared to fight and to pay the price for freedom.

I will mentor _________people my first month here and I will bury the words, “I Can’t” by _______________Date.”

Plus, I will teach my new partners to start the same way that I did. I am a leader and I will not be denied my goal. I will never let up or give up. I know this is true. I will be earning_________ within one year.

I am loyal to this free thinkers society because I am loyal to my team and I am loyal to the team because I am strong and loyal to myself.

Only good comes from my lips and my words heal the pain in the hearts of other people. I speak my world into existence and I am a leader. I know this is true. I will teach the good news of this society and teach the standards and procedures of my fellow partners.

This country really needs me right now. We are all bound by the call of freedom. The Million Mind March will never have a problem recognizing me as one of their own. Join me in celebrating excellence. My world is bountiful.

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a Free Thinkers Society of Can Do Artists


Changing Lives,
Gerald "KING of PROSPERITY" Simmons

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