The Professional Black Man

Where Seeking Success is Serious!

Quick notes on how to achieve a SUCCESS FULL life!!

By: Gerald Simmons

Inspired by the Great Motivators: Robert Kiyosaki & Joe Schroeder

-The number ONE rule is “Don’t work for Money, make
Money work for YOU”!!

• Don’t acquire more LIABILITIES than ASSETS.

1. More LIABILITIES less ASSETS = headaches

2. More ASSETS less LIABILITIES = freedom

• Overcome your fears.

• Control your desires.

• Control your emotions.

• Everything starts with your MindSet.

• In order to Become “rich” you must
First Become “WEALTHY”!

1. That’s if you want your riches to last.

Success did not make me!
I made success, therefore
“I AM” Success Full !!

Gerald Simmons aka Mr. Prosperity
817.829.5349(my number)

-Why control your “fears”?

• By controlling your “fears” you don’t
get caught up in all the negatives
of the world! (you can’t do this,
You can’t do that!) people who are
scared to see things through usually
tell you that it can’t be done!


-Why control your “desires”?

• By controlling your “desires” you learn not
to become GREEDY and blind to what’s
really going on around you!

Example: A new job that pays more or a
promotion is not always good! Like the Late
Great Notorious BIG said “More money
That statement is very true “IF” you acquire
more LIABILITIES than you do ASSETS!

The Bible says that the LOVE of MONEY is the route
of all evil! It does not say that MONEY is the route
of all evil, but the LOVE of it is!

-Why control your “emotions”?

• Learn to control your “emotions” because
emotions can get the best of you! If you
carry your emotions around on your
shoulders you are likely to get taking
advantage of! People play off of your

If you can “think” before you “react” (controlling
your “emotions”), you in return will gain respect
and in most cases you can start to make money
work for you and stop working for money!

Do you know your subconscious mind yet?
My subconscious mind and I have a real
good relationship now!
His name is Mr. Prosperity
what’s yours?

It’s time to get in touch or to get better acquainted
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Or You can be like a Fly On the Wall Just Observing.

Gerald Simmons aka Mr. Prosperity

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