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Can't find a job? Need more money?

By: AJ Steve

This is an excellent "Backup-Plan"

When the job market is scarce and looking for work is frustrating, you’re wondering what to do next, to help pay the bills.

Would a $10 a month expense help out? It can, and it does for many!

Although I’ve never been a hugh fan of MLM, (Multi-level marketing, or network marketing as known to some), many people are raking in substantial fortunes from MLM every year … and the numbers are increasing.

Bad press to a few MLM programs such as Amway, Herbalife and many other pyramid schemes which are illegal, was unfortunate, but some have been hanging around ever since.

There are a few drawbacks to MLM, but essentially, success is very real if you have a good, reputable product and work hard to establish your client base, you can do well. The challenge is to find a company with a product that doesn’t require you to keep an inventory stock, and of course, outlay the hugh cost for it. If you find one with a low start-up cost, you can promote it without having to outlay thousands of dollars.

The great advantage of MLM is that you can reap in a residual income, and all on autopilot. It’s like buying an insurance policy. The sales rep who sold it to you gets a residual commission every time you renew your policy. This continues as long as the policy is in force. Quite simple really.

A good example of a low cost MLM opportunity with a sound product where you can bring in a residual income is Global Domains International. GDI sells Internet domain names for $10 per month and gives a 10% commission on each domain name sold. With each domain name comes a generous size hosting account, email addresses, and more as well as the included, but optional MLM business. I would encourage anyone looking to start an internet business or even a simple website to consider this company. The mere fact that you can "profit from your domain name" is compelling enough to check it out.

Every week GDI publishes a list of leaders who have received a bonus for their signups. Here’s a recent recap of the top few on the list:

$2900 146 David Parnell Webster NY US
$1400 70 Tissa Godavitarne Herndon VA US
$1100 58 Ash Mufareh Corp Cupertino CA US
$800 42 Brian Bear Taylor MI US
$600 34 Wesley Boyd Troup TX US
$600 31 Andrew Wilson Allen TX US

Now this is just one week’s bonus… not bad in my book!

The first figure is the dollar amount of their bonus for the week. Yes, one week! Next is the number of sign-ups for that week. Look at the last person on the list from TX, US. 31people signed up who earned him a $600 bonus plus he continues to earn $31 per month for as long as they continue and keep their account active. Doesn’t sound like much, but sign up 10 or 15 people every week and you can soon see the long term potential.

This would certainly help pay the bills and then some!

Promoting the program can be very cheap and effective, too. Individuals and businesses are constantly coming online with new websites, and here’s an opportunity to turn their web presence into a residual income producer without any extra cost! Remember, it’s only $10 a month! You can promote it for free or go hog-wild and spend for promotion, but nothing is required beyond the $10 a month cost for your domain name/website.

I highly recommend you go check it out at .

This opportunity just might save you from your own personal credit crunch!

Here’s my motto:

"If your gonna be online, you might as well get paid for it!"

You can get a 7 day FREE trial with GDI so take advantage of it!

At your success!

AJ Steve.

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