The Professional Black Man

Where Seeking Success is Serious!

By Kendrick Smith (Khepera)

You know, as think back to the days of Martin, that’s sometimes where my mind delves
And I realize how we got integrated into the mainstream, but remained divided amongst ourselves
I see a misguided people who imitate the Romans, just for the fact that they’re living in Rome
So quick to take on everyone’s cause, but the one that concerns us, instead of cleaning up the mess in our own homes
I see very few, truly working towards our betterment
Doing opposite of the scriptures, by following the oppressor’s ways, until we’ve reached our own detriment
Colossal size severances amongst Black Muslims, Jews, Buddhist, and Christians
C’mon now family, is that what Dr. King truly envisioned
Our movement has suffered impediments from fermenting factions, which have led to dichotomies
And now when we look at other brothers and sisters, there’s no longer a love, concern, or camaraderie
It’s like we’re like corner store candy, playing someone’s sucker or dum dum
Singing the same songs year after year, only to face the same conundrum
Because of disdain and discord amongst ourselves, by others we’re perceived as a joke
And if you don’t believe me, look back to 2006 where once again, as a race of people, they questioned our right to vote
We’re living in perilous times, no matter how you count it, seconds, minutes or hours
No longer fearing pallid men in white sheets, but Black men who sell their own people brown and white powder
It’s like we’ve walked on the wild side, or a ride on the horse in Revelations, whose color is pale
And then I look at how Black men make up large percentages of the incumbents in jail
A media engulfed people, who once taught knowledge, but no longer retrieve it from shelves
And the reason it’s hard to move forward, is because it seems that everyone is out for themselves
Out of tune with nature, ourselves, and that of our culture
Being preyed on by many, just like rotting food for the vultures
Materialism is just a distraction used to divert the Black masses
As so many think that they can’t work together for differences in economic classes
Though we’ve overcome the slave ships, whips, and the chains
Those in power know that amongst our people, the psychological fetters remain
Forever jumping on bandwagons, indicative that our thinking is that of a trip
With so many degrees of division, it’s obvious that we’re still in the range of ol’ Willie Lynch’s grip
Save a dog, save a whale, man that thinking’s insanity
When we should open our eyes and realize the focus is to save this Black family
Amongst our new Black leaders, do they really stand and deliver
Or have they too, sold their souls for thirty pieces of silver
Have we scored a victory or suffered defeat
And when it comes education, why is it that our kids get second class seats
A united front is pertinent, so that we can all get pass this
And just like the Phoenix, the Black race can then rise from it’s ashes
We must do more than join chorally, to sing and lift up our voices
In order to make moves in these times, it’ll require us to pool our resources
They say, as a man thinks in his heart, then so is he, which it’s implicit that our thinking must change
Next look our condition, and remember how Martin died, and ask yourself, was his living in vain
It’s time to open our eyes, so that we can all truly see
And from now on when you sing “We Shall Overcome “, put the emphasis on “we”
Martin said that he had been to the mountain top, because he possessed vision and insight
As he said that he wouldn’t make it to the promised land, but neither have we , for we remain stubborn like Israelites
I’m just sharing what I see, for my tongue is not loose
And it’s because I love you family, tonight that’s why I’m speaking the truth
And since it does make us free, then let’s look at the facts and totally add up the sum
And now take a good look around you, and ask yourself, have we really overcome?

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