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By Kendrick Smith (Khepera)

Everyone has their convictions, and with time, I‘ve come to the conclusion that there have been misdirections and misconceptions placed in our daily walk
However it’s these things that I now disavow without regret, being reminded of the story of the man traveling with his family, his wife looking back and was instantly turned into of a pillar of salt
And as always, with each piece that I write, my aim is provide complete elucidation
For just like the days of Martin Luther and his ninety-five theses on the doors of the Church, this here’s the second Reformation
This came from a requisite need for change, a spiritual revolution, and for that reason I chose to spark this
For I was taught that the Creator is truly the light and in Him there is no form of darkness
This is strictly about sharing facts, for you, no exhibition or that of a show
For if light is symbolic of knowledge, and darkness that of ignorance, no wonder why these conspirators want to keep you out of the know
You see I plan to hold no punches, nor will I continue to let it ride
And if the early Church fathers were bringing the message of God, then why did they have so much to hide
For years when hearing confounded teachings, there was a funny vibe that I would often receive or feel
As I ask, why is it when the Roman Church came into power, the ancient mystery system was forced underground, as its initiates and priests had to run and hide in the desert and the hills
The wolf has always come with trick knowledge, for that’s the nature of a crook
And if it’s the truth that the early Church was giving, then why did they hide and burn those other holy books
For I know that there will be those who’ll think what I’m saying is wrong in this here very hour
However, if you do your research, you’d see that all the deception and darkness of Church was used for profit and that of political power
I see the masses purposely being misguided, analogous to being blind for not being led aright
For a good man hides not his candle, but places it on the lamp stand, so that all that enter the house may see the light
So we must fervently study and seek the All in All in order to activate our one eye, known as the pineal gland
For in this world, there are truth seekers or truth suppressors, and so I ask, on what side do our leaders truly stand
There is no joke to what I tell, for the truth will rise without my even trying
But look up how, if Constantine couldn’t bribe you into converting to his new religion, he’d simply throw you to the lions
It will leave the average person shaken, as they begin to take a closer look
For when the council of the Nicene convened there were a lot of forgeries, plagiarisms, removals, and doctoring of the books
For the disclosure of these words, there will probably be those who’d like to introduce the speaker to that of fire
But honestly, the last time that I checked, lies and deception have never been God-inspired
When dealing with these institutions, I warn all to analyze every component
As I ask, if what they were emitting was the true light, then why would one have to place a lampshade on it
A wicked witch named Rome cast a deep spell, causing many to sleep mentally for centuries, by no means that of a joke
Not to mention how it hurts my heart to see the job its done on the seeds of Kushites and Moors since 1555, when the Reverend John Hawkins reached the shores of Virginia on that particular boat
As always these systems were implemented by twisting arms, murder, and simply that of force
And why is they teach we need a mediator, when we for ourselves, can simply go straight to the Source
These charlatans have fabricated systems to dictate when, how, to whom, and what direction we are to pray
But realize that spirituality is a way of life, not some ritual that must practiced at certain time or certain day
So I pray that blind eyes regain the sight, that all are required to truly see
As many don’t realize how these insidious men deified a name that was never supposed to be
For religions are mythical and symbolic systems, designed to teach its adherents simply the lessons of morality
And the gift of the Almighty Wise Creator, is the ability to discern between the real truth and that of fallacy
For when it comes to unscrupulous lies, you’ve got to admit those cats were brazenly bold
And based on the words of Pope Leo X, the institution called the Church of Rome, would go down in infamy as the owners of the greatest story ever sold
For I know there’s a shock factor when hearing these things, and by no means is it certainly that of fun
And the question we should ask our leaders is, why do so many of the scriptures and stories allude to the zodiac and it’s movement thru it by the star we all know and call the sun
The time for sleeping is truly over, and for the people to open their eyes
For what we’ve truly done is to begin to worship the symbol, instead of the One in whom its to symbolize
For when you attend these services, yet remain hungry, it should not be the least bit of being odd
And as you take a closer look at the theologies that they’ve devised, you’d see that they contradict the very nature of the true and living God
I know in many mouths, the next few words will most likely leave a different flavor
But why does Yahweh say in Isaiah 43 that, I even I am the Lord, and beside me there is no other savior
And to take it a step further for understanding, there’s no time grazing the surface or that of getting by
Though the Essene named Jesus said, I am my father are one, he also mentioned that, the father is greater than I
So again, who were these words inspired by, is the question I often ask the most
And if the scripture says where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, then why do these people try to shove their religion down our throats
To watch my people continue to blindly follow, it greatly makes me grieve
And if it’s knowing the truth that will make us free, then why do they emphasize to believe
And as far as the truth goes, how long did these snakes think that they could truly hide it
And if the Creator said, how good is for man to dwell in one unity, then why do they put so much energy at remaining divided
For there is but one Supreme Being, who is invoked by many names
And who cares what you call Him or Her, for they are the Creator just the same
So as I commence to putting this pen down and bring to conclusion these thoughts of which I write
I leave the words that, one can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, the real tragedy comes when men are afraid of the light

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