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By Kendrick Smith (Khepera)

It’s often seen that it’s hard to move forward when minds are stuck in cages
And part of progress is understanding the process of crawling before we walk, and learning how the lessons life offers, often comes in stages
Given that, I now stand with Cedars of Lebanon, I had to quit running around with fools
As I began to search for answers amongst stars in skies darker than that of the original Jews
No time to sit still, for time is continuously passing
And a man’s words mean nothing, if you want to know the truth about him, then pay close attention to his actions
So for the pursuit of knowledge I took an oath, that I would duly and truly stick to it’s mission
As I’ve realized that the things that impedes man’s growth are fear, ignorance, and that of superstition
I thus turned to the east witnessing the All’s glory, when I saw the sun beautifully rising
I then bowed my head in reverence, and by the truth I got hit just like a bison
Laid prostrate for a moment, and now it’s the Grand Architect that I praise
As I’ll keep seeking the light beyond degrees or when it’s by the grip of the lion’s paw that I’ve been raised
Though I’m not many in years, I often view things with that of an older man’s mind
For I desire more than just thirty-three degrees, I aim for the number equating to that of three dollars and six dimes
Three ruffians once stole my coat, so that I would forget the knowledge of who I am
So I had consult with a brother named Albert Churchward in order to rediscover the signs and symbols of a primordial man
Like a jedi knight in training, I’m steadily trying to master the force on this journey, though the road isn’t always paved
So I had to relinquish ways of those foreign to me, for they had me headed on a westerly course to be buried in a shallow grave
Because of the continual thirst for knowledge, I no longer take sips, I’m taking swollas
As it has me climbing up trees of life studying the sacred science of numbers and the mysteries of the Kabbalah
I now look at situations differently, not allowing my heart to entertain the sentiment of disparage
And because I realized that life is but change, I focused on spiritual growth, and pondered ways of attaining an alchemical marriage
I had to step back and with my life reconsider, the things that I was facing
So I began to properly utilize the tools that the Creator handed me, just like that of a master mason
I told the All I wanted to know Him better, so that I could see life more clearer
So He said, son, to know me, know thyself, then He simply handed me a mirror
I then quit following her wicked system, talked less, for no longer do I Babel-on
Now my focus is standing on the square in the middle of four, just like the Hebrew Tetragrammaton
Went straight when I reached the crossroads, when considering the questions concerning my life
Thanking the All for the angel that stood by my side as I laid on that operating table twice
Things then became lucid, thus reaching the decision of not turning back, when I received the message deep within my irises
And though I know silence is golden, I’ll let the symbols in this work speak volumes just like medu netcher written on papyruses
I’m now seeing messages wherever I look, be it awake or even in midst of that of my slumber
Triple sixes are eighteen, where the sum of one and eight is nine, which is still that of man and God’s number
So analyze what’s in front of you, for it’s often your mind that they attempt to deride
For when they talk about the beast in Revelations, they’re speaking of the one that man must conquer inside
And as we continue on, more cornerstones are bound to be laid
For sum of the numbers in the 144,000 in Revelations, is also nine, symbolizing the evolution of human development, so when man attunes himself to the Divine, he then, can truly be saved
The scriptures were teaching a important lesson, for it is truly nothing else
Which is learning the art of balance, also known as mastering the upper and lower self
Another lesson that is of importance, causing a resonance within the midst of my dome
Is how we must sometimes travel to foreign lands to find that for which we hunger for at home
So you can attempt to call what I’m saying pagan, but for the pursuit and disclosure of truth, I’ll definitely never stop it
And instead of perpetuating seeds of dogma and division, make sure you know the origin of what you practice, otherwise, you can take them beliefs and stick them right back in your pocket
For the truth is but a weapon, and the profane has never wanted you to have it
And for that reason, it was the library of Alexander that was burned down by a bunch of religious fanatics
You see, the sanctimonious will take your dollars, but their words hardly ever make sense
And why is that they never explain why their religious holidays coincide with solar events
Given that, I will always see the glass as half full, and say later for the cynicism
And why is it that so many miss the real thing, by getting stuck at the ritual and symbolism
For it’s the truth that one can find, if they would sincerely seek it
For it’s once you get beyond the symbolism, one will see that life is but an open secret
So no longer do I sit with blind eyes, due to signs shrouded in a veil of mystery
Because although we pass through difficulty and failure, we eventually rise to success and victory

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