The Professional Black Man

Where Seeking Success is Serious!

By Kendrick Smith

One day I got fed up with frustration from following the monotonous and mundane ways of the norm
And decided to quit chasing my tale like a perplexed pound puppy, cause it was obvious that they had a brother truly misinformed
So I began to close my ears to the serpent’s whisper of lying imams, rabbis, and pastors
Chose to walk across the dessert’s burning sands into the temple to learn how to smooth the roughened ashlars
Decided to build like my forefathers, of mighty Kushites, Kemites, and Phoenicians
As I chose to open eyes that were blinded, like the ones that we call Venetian
My mother taught how life has a natural order, a divine and solar plan
Then she put the pen in my hand, and reminded me what is the duty of a civilized man
I prayed to the Creator for knowledge, She then handed me a cup
As she said, my son, your words and actions, just like the planets and the stars, have got to truly line up
She said for me to seek the light, to destroy the works of Leviathan
And why should I fear man, when I was born in a lion’s den
I’ve circumnavigated the globe, the world’s oceans I’ve roamed
And while the Occidental man’s story is in paper, mines always been in stone
They tried to call my mother Medusa, misnomered her beautiful loc’d hair, dreds
But they knew who was the original man, when they reached South America and saw my colossal Olmec heads
I built Stonehenge, pyramids, and to America, I’ve traveled several times before
Brought the troglodyte out of the medieval Dark Ages, they now refer to me as the Black Moor
When one takes a close enough look, we’ve left our vestige all over globe
And before you give praise to a Greek, ask George G. M. James how it was our legacy that they stole
When they came to study my mysteries in Khemet, they asked could I make the knowledge a little simpler
And when they were guarding the temple in Jerusalem, I dropped jewels on knights they now call Templars
They have so many of us thinking that Prince Hall was the first Black mason, and as usual, their presumptions are oh so incorrect
For we already had a lodge at Luxor where one of the first master builders was named Imhotep
You ask, have we ever contributed anything to civilization, man you cats are so confused
Nuts just like cashews, cause the further you rewind your views, things get Blacker than the original Jews
With the sun, moon, and stars, I taught the world to tell time, bestowing upon them a gift
Now the religious man has incorporated it into his worship, while those traveling use it tell the story of Hiram Abiff
You see, for the sincere pursuit of light, we can never make an apology
As I like to thank brother Robert Hewitt Brown for sharing his lessons on stellar theology
And the question of whether there’s more to come, well there’s certainly no need to panic
For it was us who told Christopher Columbus how to get to the Americas, if caught on that current over in the Atlantic
It’s definitely time to change our thinking, my words being the recital
And no matter what direction you look, I’m everywhere, your holy books, I’m heavy there, for it was my words copied in your Koran, Torah, and your Bible
You see, you are a mighty people, portrayed by a malicious media as a joke
But I remember when dude got shot, he prayed to a Black Madonna and Jesus, go ask the Catholic Church about the pope
When surrounded by a multitude of liars, one can’t help but get mad at them
And who knows how much more of our history’s stolen and hidden for miles in them tunnels up under the Vatican
For it’s the lies that have the masses like dummies, dangerously locked on a crash course
Not realizing that they’re riding west, chasing death, on the back of pale horse
Is there any more need for talking, for we know before the swine we should never cast our pearls
And if you’re still asking who we are, then consult with Gerald Massey, and he can tell you how we’ve brought light several times to a darkened world
It’s time to shift the paradigm, for it’s only through knowledge that we can prepare
And realize that they can never box you in, when you’re in due form, standing on the square
So it’s until our last days, the truth we should forever read
Becoming better men and women, by squaring off our actions and rounding off our deeds
So I say continue to study your lessons, telling all critics that they can kick rocks
As I’ll never forget how our Dogon ancestors could see the constellation Sirius with their naked eyes, but at the same time they got tricked by a pale fox
So no longer can we use that phrase, “I can’t man” or believe the flim-flam, plus I’m young, gotta watch my tongue, cause they won’t have my mother singing, “Johnny Was a Good Man “
And it’s definitely at this point, that I should no longer have to run it down
Just take both of your of hands, and on your head, to it’s rightful place, return your royal diadem or your crown
And no more can you attempt to call us rogue, thug, or savage, naw, you had better get it right
For we are the seeds of Alkebulan, from the beautiful mother continent, but you can just call us Sons and Daughters of Light

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