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We’ve got a lot of work to do, to get where we need to be
But when I look around, sometimes I wonder, are you on the same page as me
For material gain, the idiot box has our youth doing whatever it takes
Which is committing acts of genocide, at exponential rates

Empty entertainment has young brothers killing for colors and increasing the murder rate
And the reason they kill what looks like them, is because they’re consumed with a self-hate
Why is the ratio of black females to males off, you say you don’t know
Because most of our brothers are either locked in jail, dead from war, or they’re just living on the down-low

Here’s some information, from which we should do more than just allude
But they’re consistently eliminating us, by bioengineering our food
I’m trying to tell you family, that synthetic meals are not the answer
So it’s no wonder, that in Blacks, there are record highs of breast and prostate cancer

I’m just trying to enlighten us, so that we don’t sell or lose our soul
But the ones that we think are helping us, are implementing population control
In corporate America, you’re just a number, or what they call an entity
You hate your own and embrace others, because you’ve made your enemy, your deity

We’ve got brothers impregnating sisters and running, as if it’s part of a game plan
And if you do it Negro, it’s because you’re a boy, masquerading as a man
You see, our forefathers were forced to breed and abandon their children, but remember, they were enslaved
And its four hundred years later brothers, but look at how you still behave

So stop perpetuating the colonizer’s ways, its okay to go against the grain
Learn to think for yourselves, and give the devil back his brain
It’s hard to correct four hundred years of bondage, but we’ve got to stop somewhere
And it’s the knowledge of self that we lack, so I suggest that we start there

You see, the key is loving each other, doing for self, providing our own jobs and institutions
It’s time to wake up family, and stop thinking, that the oppressor, is going to provide our solution
Now, if it’s the truth that makes us free, then why do our religious leaders give us so many half-truths
Is it the fact that they can’t control you, if your mind, from the bondage, is completely loose

You see, they may graze around the truth, but the rest they give is some crap
While you sit there every week, waiting for the answers to fall in your lap
But if you know like I know, the Creator said, to study to show thyself approved
So start to read and study for yourselves, as well as use your God-given tools

You see, what they won’t tell you, is that the lies consume you like a cancer
But the more you seek and study family, the more you’ll see the answers
Why does religion divide, as well as skin tone?
Could it be the fact that mental enslavement, as well as Willie Lynch live on

You see, the Creator said that His people, are to worship Him, in spirit and in truth
So it’s the act of starting to build and grow, are things that we should do
You see, the All made us spirits, but never gave us no religion
Because all that’s really used for, is mind control and division

We’ve got to deal with the here and now, as well as look at the reality
And if it’s spirits that we are, then why aren’t we studying spirituality?
Don’t hate your folk, cause they call God by a different name
Cause the more you look into it family, we’re calling on the Divine just the same

It don’t matter if you call Him, Yahweh, Jehovah, El Khelum, Osiris, Buddha, Krishna, or Allah
Cause when we conclude our prayers, we all acknowledge the Kushite AmenRa
And because I’m speaking the real, I know that I’m receiving some strange and angry stares
And the fact that you don’t want to hear the truth today, guess what, I don’t really care

You see, I was placed here for a reason, and that’s why I write the things that write
But my concern today, is that we all see the light
For we are a mighty people, of this you can’t refute
For it was when Napoleon saw a Black face on the Sphinx in ancient Khemet, that he ordered a twenty-one gun salute

They’ve been trying to erase our existence, and they’ve been trying for a while
And this is just another example, that took place at the river called the Nile
It’s systematic destruction, that they’ve been working at real hard
But we’re going to reach our destination, family, through unity and knowing the true and living God

Remember how good it is, for brethren to dwell in one unity
And so it’s working with unified minds, that we can take back and rebuild our communities
You see, the enemy loves division, cause that’s what keeps us dumb
And realize, that following the ways of the colonizers, haven’t freed us none

We’ve got to work together, in order to prevent our demise
For then, like the mighty Phoenix, from the ashes, we’ll rise

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Comment by Cardoza on October 29, 2008 at 11:54pm
Hey Kendrick,

Great poem bro. Much Love & well BALANCED! It's all about improvement and that's we are here for. EVERYTHING starts with a THOUGHT!



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