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Build Your eMail List and Make Money Fast & Simple

Build Your eMailing & Make Money Free & Simple

Many times we try to develop our business hoping clients come to us via word of mouth, referrals, and advertising. Would it not be easier to go to customers? Wouldn't it be easier if you had 10,000 thousand people that you were contacting every week via email offering your products or services? What kind of money could you make if a small percentage of the people you contact every week respond to your email?

With .2% of that group responding you would get 40 new sales leads per week. Depending on your product and conversion ratio this could be huge. Image if you were into an mlm or affiliate marketing program. Would taking to 40 new people each week grow your business? How much will you make?

What if you work for someone as a salesman? The customers belong to the ones who have the mailing lists. If you sold a product or a service, would your business be better off if you had a growing mailing list that you provided a limitless source of new customer referrals. Not only would you have these 40 new prospects every week, but you also have the mailing lists.

You can build your Opt-In eMailing List to 10,000 people or more, which you would email to up to once a week for FREE. This will take only a few short weeks, but you can get paid while you do this. The objective is not to get paid to create an opt-in mail list, but to create an opt-in mail list that will pay you.

The "Simple List Builder" program will also pay you for paid referrals. Why not get paid as you develop your opt-in emailing list. This is not multilevel marketing, but it will help you develop lists that you can use to market your affiliate and mlm programs as well as your direct sales.

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