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Doing Your Part for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

"Protect Yourself Before You Connect Yourself".

National Cyber Security Alliance Launches Cyber Security…

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Influential Brothers in Business

I am looking for several Brothers who would like to interviewed on my blog talk radio show called, " Influential Brothers in Business." If you feel you are making an impact in our communities and empowering others, then let me know and I will let you know more about tthis upcoming show. Also if you have a Business or product that you would like to gather more exposure for, then my newspaper is just for you. Let me know your business and product and we will take it from there!

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I Was Told That People Would Not Come.... But "HE" Said Keep Planting Your Seeds!



Tonia Mccoggle said:

Praise The Lord Mr. Prosperity, I wish Blessigs Upon your day...I would like to thank you for the Ten Success Full Tips!!!! The motivation that you give are so much help to myself motivation and it also gives me the courage to motivate others as well. Keep doing what you are doing...this appears to be God's calling for your… Continue

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The Doers Creed of Excellence

Generated image

Joe Schroeder wrote this in 1997

By 1999, over one Million People had this in their hearts

Now today, we ask that you share this with your world.

** Works better if you recite this to yourself daily for 21 days.

** Work even better if you have someone speak this into… Continue

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New Years Prayer.... By: Gerald Simmons


As this year comes to an end and we wait for the NEW one to begin,

I stop to think of the year thats gone......

on the things I've said and the things I've done....

then I wonder, have I lost or won?

I think of the NEW friends and relationships I've created,

and of the old ones that still stand true....

My path throughout this past year LORD was made easier

only because it was walked beside… Continue

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KING (kiŋ)


1. a male ruler of a nation or state usually called a kingdom; male sovereign, limited or absolute; monarch


a. a man who is supreme or highly successful in some field

b. something supreme in its class

3. a playing card with a conventionalized picture of a king on it

4. Checkers a piece that has been… Continue

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Quick notes on how to achieve a SUCCESS FULL life!!

By: Gerald Simmons

Inspired by the Great Motivators: Robert Kiyosaki & Joe Schroeder

-The number ONE rule is “Don’t work for Money, make

Money work for YOU”!!

• Don’t acquire more LIABILITIES than ASSETS.

1. More LIABILITIES less ASSETS = headaches

2. More ASSETS less LIABILITIES = freedom

• Overcome your fears.

• Control your desires.

•… Continue

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Get Paid! Worlds Largest Business Network. Free Join!

Hello ,

You’re going to love this new site I found for social and business networking. It’s free to join and advertise in this business directory. You get paid just for using the website. You can even win cash and prizes for the best profile.

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Can't find a job? Need more money?

By: AJ Steve

This is an excellent "Backup-Plan"

When the job market is scarce and looking for work is frustrating, you’re wondering what to do next, to help pay the bills.

Would a $10 a month expense help out? It can, and it does for many!

Although I’ve never been a hugh fan of MLM, (Multi-level marketing, or network marketing as known to some), many people are raking in substantial fortunes from MLM every year … and the…


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Are you common or uncommon?

Have you ever been called weird

for the way you do things or

because of the way you view

the world?

Well Guess what.... I have also!

click above to join us on our

Million MIND March

I have an "IDEA".....

Why don't all of us weirdos (smile)

get together and do things… Continue

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Have We Really Overcome?

By Kendrick Smith (Khepera)


You know, as think back to the days of Martin, that’s sometimes where my mind delves

And I realize how we got integrated into the mainstream, but remained divided amongst ourselves

I see a misguided people who imitate the Romans, just for the fact that they’re living in Rome

So quick to take on everyone’s cause, but the one that concerns us, instead of cleaning up the mess in our own homes

I see very few, truly working… Continue

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When Men Are Afraid of the Light

By Kendrick Smith (Khepera)


Everyone has their convictions, and with time, I‘ve come to the conclusion that there have been misdirections and misconceptions placed in our daily walk

However it’s these things that I now disavow without regret, being reminded of the story of the man traveling with his family, his wife looking back and was instantly turned into of a pillar of salt

And as always, with each piece that I write, my aim is provide complete… Continue

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Success and Victory

By Kendrick Smith (Khepera)


It’s often seen that it’s hard to move forward when minds are stuck in cages

And part of progress is understanding the process of crawling before we walk, and learning how the lessons life offers, often comes in stages

Given that, I now stand with Cedars of Lebanon, I had to quit running around with fools

As I began to search for answers amongst stars in skies darker than that of the original Jews

No time to sit still, for… Continue

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Sons and Daughters of Light

By Kendrick Smith


One day I got fed up with frustration from following the monotonous and mundane ways of the norm

And decided to quit chasing my tale like a perplexed pound puppy, cause it was obvious that they had a brother truly misinformed

So I began to close my ears to the serpent’s whisper of lying imams, rabbis, and pastors

Chose to walk across the dessert’s burning sands into the temple to learn how to smooth the roughened ashlars

Decided to… Continue

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On the Same Page

We’ve got a lot of work to do, to get where we need to be

But when I look around, sometimes I wonder, are you on the same page as me

For material gain, the idiot box has our youth doing whatever it takes

Which is committing acts of genocide, at exponential rates

Empty entertainment has young brothers killing for colors and increasing the murder rate

And the reason they kill what looks like them, is because they’re consumed with a self-hate

Why is the ratio of… Continue

Added by Kendrick Smith on October 22, 2008 at 11:43pm — 1 Comment

The Veil's about to Get Raised

By Kendrick Smith


Will we ever see change in this here great melting pot

Where overzealous cops salute Black men with fifty shots

Is that what is symbolized by fifty stripes and fifty stars

Where we’re still trying to heal from over fifty years of scars

When we elect this next Black president, is it a move from dusk to dawn

Where in a land they used to pic a nigger, oops, I mean picanic on the white house lawn

When Sam Cooke said a change… Continue

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What Do You Practice?

Today our aim, is to retrieve spirituality, from off of the shelves

Which is a step towards conquering our lower, yet becoming one with our Higher selves

We’ll revisit some old concepts, trust me, they aren’t new

For what God placed in the universe, He put in us too

We’ll take it a step at a time, that’s what this journey will entail

For we are a microcosm of the macrocosm, just on a smaller scale

This piece is to bring clarity, but as for confusion, that of… Continue

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Legal Credit Repair Improves YOUR Credit Score

Denied due to bad credit?

Can Bad Credit be Deleted and YOUR Credit Score Improved?

Yes, it can. Despite the fervent proclamations of bureaucrats and credit bureaus everywhere, a simple fact remains: negative credit listings are deleted from peoples' credit reports by the thousands each and every day and their credit scores are improved dramatically.

A few years ago, an…


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Build Your eMail List and Make Money Fast & Simple

Build Your eMailing & Make Money Free & Simple

Many times we try to develop our business hoping clients come to us via word of mouth, referrals, and advertising. Would it not be easier to go to customers? Wouldn't it be easier if you had 10,000 thousand people that you were contacting every week via email offering your products or services? What kind of money could you make if a small percentage of the people you contact every week respond to your email?

With .2%… Continue

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Auto email marketing system and auto team building system

This is the fully Auto Money Making System you definitely need to see.

No selling and cold calling required.

An Auto email marketing system and auto team building… Continue

Added by ramabadran Seshadri Iyengar on September 10, 2008 at 10:20pm — No Comments

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